Wedding Dresses 2015

Collection 2015 Hila Cohen exposes the year a variety of dresses sewn types of fabrics, creating a three-dimensional with a touch of silver beads and pearls in dresses collection 2015 has a lot of dresses special complexity of the types of fabrics to give the dress to design unique and different look, this year there was a repetition sectors and Iktoraniot and romance that give the bride look shiny and principalities.

The current collection includes many wedding dresses are sewn into the lining body shades to produce the game of transparent sealed. Fabrics and services tailored wedding dresses are strung competition with rich textures and special bridal gown give a special appearance and rich.

This year we introduced the shadows customers with new contest textures and handmade complex interweaving of pearls along the dress. Wedding dresses made of quality fabrics and comfortable interiors with curves convenient for dancing.

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