14 things that every bride needs to do before the wedding

All Briidzlih can get involved in missions frenzy and stress of last minute the week before her wedding. Beyond the list of 14 things that every bride needs to do before the wedding can make your big day a success and ensured smoothly for you and your new husband!

1. certain that your wedding dress is ready and perfect for those who buys the dress Bride is recommended to measure overall wedding dress veil, and the accessories around to be sure that nothing is missing, the purchaser wedding dress salon hotel, and certainly with a living room that everything is ready and waiting for your big day – what would keep you from Stress night before your wedding.

2. Assemble everything in one place, you do not want to go for the big day and discover you forgot things, Airzi your bridal shoes, jewelry and accessories in one place neatly.

3. Pack an emergency kit bride – your bridal emergency kit contains everything you need to prevent a disastrous day, including drinking straws to not ruin your lipstick! Other things that you can put in your emergency kit: safety pins, wet wipes, sewing kit, plasters, energy bars, Advil / Optalgin, mints, scissors.

4. List of Important telephones – known on the wedding day there are a lot of phones from suppliers and friends about things not closed, though to not have to add to the pressure and is therefore recommended to make some stumbling date telephone list of important and Manny the one your lender responsible for the phone, making it easy on you and knock you from a lot of stress on wedding.

5. You have many people to thank them for being part of your big day, you should make sure you have admitted for everyone to wrap all the gifts and prepare cards before the wedding breakfast.

6. organize all the contact details of your suppliers receipts and contracts located, we recommend binder!

7. Believe it or not, fingers and your feet will be responsible for a lot of upgrading your wedding photos, pamper yourself the day before B”fdi Manny “pampering, we recommend nail polish shades of mobility and” Fanny Bunny “.

8. settle all remaining bills to suppliers in separate envelopes with the headline doubt.

9. Prepare envelopes tips to the hard work of your suppliers (preferably in cash), it is customary to give tips to the waiter hall, photographers and DJ assistants.

10. Certainly you have water and snacks throughout the day to keep your energy for a night of dancing!

11. It may sound a bit ridiculous, but we promise you thank us later – the officer the one your lender will be responsible for a wedding dress, help you go without Patriarchs get all arrange it during filming, before the ceremony and arrange the trail will always be honest – none do not want the hem of her black dress and messy entrance canopy and pictures.

12. Ask your caterer or hall from luxurious package of sweet treats – there’s nothing like getting up the next day and remember everything you’ve been through exciting day with a taste of the delicious desserts chosen.

13. to pack your wedding night two weeks before the big day to make sure all the important things are in it.

14. Go to bed early – is not that difficult and excitement for the big day does not give you so much sleep but you need a bit of these forces!

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